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Dump truck loading safety

When operating a dump truck, safety is essential. The loading and unloading processes are most dangerous. This is when most accidents and injuries occur. However, following these safety tips will reduce the risk of injury to crew members, as well as damage to equipment both on and off the job site.

Tips for Dump Truck Safety Before Loading

Before any material is loaded, a thorough inspection of the vehicle should be completed. Essential safety features should be checked to ensure they are all in good working order. Any parts that require lubrication should be inspected.
The dump truck’s suspension needs to be inspected by the operator before loading. The air pressure of a

ll tires should be examined to ensure proper inflation. Properly inflated tires provide a stable base which is important during loading and unloading. An unstable truck will tip more easily causing potential injury or damage.

Inspect the surface where the dump [...]

bucket truck outriggers

Bucket trucks and other equipment that use a knuckleboom to raise weight above the height of the vehicle can easily be tipped off balance as the weight is raised. This unbalance poses a danger to the equipment, as well as equipment operators and other workers in the area.

Fortunately, most modern standard-production commercial equipment is equipped with safety outriggers. They work to securely stabilize the truck while the boom is in operation.

Be careful when purchasing a used, older model truck. Always make sure that the vehicle you are purchasing comes equipped with safety outriggers. If not, make sure to have them installed before using the knuckleboom.


What are Outriggers?


Outriggers are like extendable “feet” that keep bucket trucks and other utility vehicles balanced. They provide extra stability to prevent the vehicle from tipping or completely flipping over. When the truck’s outriggers are extended, it has the additional support it needs if the [...]

truck wheels

There is nothing more important to the productivity and safety of your work fleet than the wheels on your work vehicles. They are literally “where the rubber meets the road,” and since replacing them can be an expensive endeavor, anything you can do to extend the life of your wheels keeps hard-earned money in your pocket.

The good news is, when you have good maintenance practices, your wheels should last the life of your work truck, if not longer.


Tips to Keep Your Work Wheels Spinning


Follow these tips, as well as any recommendations from your wheel manufacturer, to optimize the life and efficiency of your work truck’s wheels.

  • Always perform a daily inspection of your vehicle’s wheels, especially before you head off to complete a job. Look for cracks, rust, or any other evidence of wheel damage. Early detection of such damage makes it possible to take quick action to correct [...]

Bucket trucks are an essential piece of utility equipment. They aren’t just for construction sites, either. Bucket trucks are used in many industries for everything from film making to fruit picking.

There is an amount of inherent danger when it comes to using a bucket truck. Anytime you use a hydraulic boom to raise a worker to an elevated, inaccessible area, there are going to be some risks. You can never be too careful. Safe operation of these vehicles hinges on adherence to federal OSHA safety regulations and some common sense rules.

To protect your bucket truck from damage as well as ensuring your operator’s safety, it is crucial to follow all safety standards and guidelines. Remember you are working with complex machinery that requires special operator training.

Tips for Bucket Truck Safety Daily Safety Inspection

Before using a bucket truck, the operator should perform a safety check of the vehicle to identify any damage [...]

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