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mobile fleetAs addictive as Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds may be, getting caught with your eyes glued to your phone may not go over so well on the job.

That said, if you run your own business, you may actually want to consider requiring smart device use at work.

Some apps provide far more than mere entertainment. Effective use of the growing number of resources available on your mobile devices can actually increase the efficiency and safety of your employees, especially for those in the fleet utility vehicle industry.

Check out a few examples of how:


Apps like TracerPlus allow employees to scan barcodes for materials via their mobile devices.Most of these apps are user friendly and will require little explanation with staff. Companies can also  use these bar codes to track inventory and investigate any internal theft concerns.


For casual business and personal payments, PayPal is a great go-to option. However, why not wrap your accounting and payments in one place? Apps like Intuit GoPayment work with Quickbooks or other accounting software to automatically update and sync your transactions. Payment processing is immediate and you can send your customer a receipt via email at the point of sale. 


Avoid sitting through early morning or end-of-day meetings that conflict with employee schedules and damage morale by creating a training podcast that workers can listen to on their smart devices on the way to jobs.


While it might require a monetary investment, breaking even will likely come quickly for companies who mobilize their work management materials. These programs, like Trimble FieldMaster and their associated apps, allow frontline employees to connect with the office in real-time, providing the entire business with the most updated information . Through the constant collection of data all day, the programs/apps provide end-of-day reports and metrics, information you can use to improve performance, reward employees, or use for advertising.


Diesel can be expensive. Fuelbook and other similar apps focus on finding the best diesel prices throughout the U.S.


Prevent the time waste that is traffic. With 511PA, your drivers will get the most current and relevant traffic information for the state and it provides options to avoids slow areas, accidents or major construction.


Immediately syncing important documents scanned by your phone or tablet’s camera to the cloud, Apps such as CamScanner provide the ease of mind that documents will always be available and accessible when you need them, whether its receipts, client files, contracts, etc.


RedPanicButton, StaySafe and ManDown are among many apps that provide almost immediate aid in the case of an emergency. When time is of the essence, these apps can literally mean the difference between life and death.


AT&T DriveMode and LifeSaver are two apps that limit a driver from the ability to text once a vehicle is in motion or reaches a specific MPH. Requiring drivers to use one of these can cut down on accidents, helping to avoid injuries or deaths on the job, not to mention lawsuits from others involved.


Have your employees connect on apps like MyFitnessPal or FitBit and create a competition. Research has proven healthier employees are not only more efficient, they are also less likely to get hurt, improving overall company/job safety as well.


These days, if your can dream it, you can do it. Many communications and computer professionals have app development skills. Linkedin is another place to search for app developers. Determine what you need, and create an app that meets that need. Chances are, other companies share your need, putting you in the position to sell the app later on.

Mobile devices can save your company both time and money. Whether it’s through vehicle tracking, saving money on gas, or sharing documents digitally, the value of using often free apps, on the job can be monumental.

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