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Benefits of Owning a Knuckleboom Truck

If you want a piece of work equipment that really delivers for its size, you can’t beat a knuckleboom truck. Also called loader cranes, articulating cranes, and picker cranes, the knuckleboom has transformed the way many industries load and offload materials.

A knuckleboom crane is similar to a standard crane in the way it performs. The major difference being that a knuckleboom hinges at the “knuckle” near the middle. This allows it to fold back like a clenched finger creating a more compact size and easier maneuverability than a standard crane.

Why You Need a Knuckleboom Truck

A versatile piece of equipment, a knuckleboom crane truck can handle multiple jobs. Their smaller size offers a lot of performance for the money invested. This makes them a smart investment for companies to do a lot with the least amount of equipment possible.

When deciding on what equipment to add to your utility fleet, consider some of the many benefits of owning a smaller knuckleboom crane truck.

Multi-Purpose Efficiency

The primary benefit of owning a knuckleboom crane is the truck’s ability to perform multiple jobs. The impressive lifting capacity and increased maneuverability of a knuckleboom truck reduce the need for specialized equipment. Because these compact workhorses can fill so many needs, a knuckleboom quickly becomes the backbone of any operation. Having a few of these “must have” trucks in your fleet can save your company money in a variety of ways.

Compact Design

Because knuckleboom trucks fit so much performance into such a small package, using them is a valuable benefit. This benefit is especially apparent when performing utility or other municipal work. With a lower profile and lighter weight, a knuckleboom won’t block traffic on heavily traveled streets. These trucks are also easier to maneuver into tight spaces where a larger truck just wouldn’t be practical.

Another benefit of the knuckleboom’s compact design is that they often do not require any of the specialized commercial driver’s license or operator’s permits to use. This compressed, all-in-one design will increase your fleet’s efficiency and flexibility.

Greater Payload and Available Space

Due to the compact design of a knuckleboom truck, there is the space and payload capacity for extra equipment and supplies right onboard the truck. This can potentially eliminate the need for an extra vehicle on your job site.

Greater Lifting Power

The boom design and compact construction of a knuckleboom crane make them capable of lifting more weight than other equipment of comparable size. Using a smaller piece of equipment to do a job will not only save you space, it will save in fuel costs as well.

Improved Technology

The versatility of knuckleboom trucks has made them a popular equipment addition in many industries. Because of this increase in popularity, there has been a focus on improving their technology. This push for improvement has led to the development of better, more advanced controls. These advancements offer work crews a variety of options in safety and efficiency for a range of work situations.

With advancement in technology and design, you can find knuckleboom trucks with controls that can be operated from standing or sitting positions. There are even some models available that offer wireless or remote control.


Many companies in many different industries can benefit from the addition of a knuckleboom truck. With their ability to handle a wide range of lifting and moving jobs, they can easily reduce the number of vehicles you need on any single job site. As these vehicles have become more popular, the options available have increased. Before investing in any extra equipment for your company, be sure to check out the knuckleboom crane trucks available for purchase at your local utility vehicle dealership.

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