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Creative Uses for Your Bucket Truck


For most of us, our jobs aren’t exactly glamorous.That’s not to say with a little bit of creativity they couldn’t be. Usually, bucket trucks are purchased for construction and repair industries, as the aerial component is invaluable. But bucket trucks can have far more uses than your own industry. Often, photo and film artists employ bucket trucks to get the perfect angle or movement shot. But you don’t have to be a Hollywood star or Sundance Film Festival producer in order to give your bucket truck a creative twist.

Here’s a few ideas you can do on your own.

1) How-To Videos

Whether for training purposes or to engage followers on social media, videos are essential in today’s society. Have one member of your crew film while the other works and explains the task.

These are also great to show potential clients exactly what work you will be doing and the professionalism with which it is accomplished.

2) Film your Own Commercial

Although this may sound rather involved, it doesn’t have to include anything crazy. No stuntmen are necessary! Simply brainstorm what might get people’s attention or make them remember you as a company they’d want to turn to. Creating your own commercial instead of using a professional firm could save you a ton of money in the long run. And don’t worry about specialized equipment. Most of what you need, even camera quality, is available through your iPhone or an an attachment to it.

Don’t worry about it being Academy Award worthy. It doesn’t have to be on primetime TV. Commercials go in plenty of places, local movie theatres, YouTube, social media channels, and more. It’s about getting your name out there.

3) Take a Company Photo

It’s almost impossible to take a full company photo straight on if you’re not a startup or small business. Aerial photos allow for photographers to capture hundreds, even thousands, of people at one time, Get creative and spell out your company name with employees. Make it a holiday card by dressing up as holiday characters and challenging recipients to find the elf.

4) Partner Up With Filmers or Photographers and Earn $$$

Even if you’re uninterested in all things creative, If you’re a bucket truck owner, full-time photographers and filmmakers need access to this kind of equipment all the time. Renting your truck out to these individuals or helping them use it when they aren’t being used for your typical trade could be a solid source of extra cash.

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