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So you are looking for a Ford F350, F450, or F550 bucket truck, and you cant determine which model year to buy. Everybody has a friend or knows somebody that has a horror stories about their Ford diesel engine. This can be easily avoided by calling me at 610-750-1831 and talking about the best engine for your needs. I could talk about this for hours, the pros and cons of each engine and specifically their weak points. Every single diesel produced has weak points and knowing them will give you more power in the buying process. I know this because we see it day in and day out. The same issues caused by lack of knowledge or sub par maintenance. It is hard for me to put my thoughts onto paper….but ill give it a try.

1. The tried and true 1999-2003.5 International 7.3L diesel engine. This is a great engine. It does not have [...]

As petroleum gas prices continue to climb, alternative fuel options have become a popular topic of discussion. This isn’t just because of cost, but also because of rising environmental concerns. The U.S. Department of Energy recognizes six major types of green fuel options: biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, and propane.

Which Alternative Fuel is Best?

Choosing an alternative fuel option for your utility fleet depends on the needs and circumstances of your business. Making the switch from petroleum gas is a big decision. While turning your business green will save you cash while saving the planet, there are many things to consider.

Here is a basic run-down of your alternative fuel options to help you decide if going green is right for your business.


Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil, like corn or canola, animal fat, or recycled restaurant grease. The greener, earth-friendly version of regular diesel, biodiesel can be used in most [...]

multiple bucket trucks

multiple bucket trucksA bucket truck is a work truck with an attached aerial lift. They are designed to safely lift people into the air to perform work that can’t be easily or safely reached even with a ladder.

Bucket trucks are commonly seen on highways, suburban side streets, and country back roads. While most people tend to think of bucket trucks as utility vehicles only used to work on electrical poles, they can also be used for various tasks from the mundane to the unusual.

Here are just a few uses for the common bucket truck, although some of these are anything but common.


Uses for Bucket Trucks


#1 Electrical and Telephone Line Maintenance

This is the most common and obvious use for a bucket truck. Special insulated bucket [...]

knuckleboom truck

If you want a piece of work equipment that really delivers for its size, you can’t beat a knuckleboom truck. Also called loader cranes, articulating cranes, and picker cranes, the knuckleboom has transformed the way many industries load and offload materials.

A knuckleboom crane is similar to a standard crane in the way it performs. The major difference being that a knuckleboom hinges at the “knuckle” near the middle. This allows it to fold back like a clenched finger creating a more compact size and easier maneuverability than a standard crane.

Why You Need a Knuckleboom Truck

A versatile piece of equipment, a knuckleboom crane truck can handle multiple jobs. Their smaller size offers a lot of performance for the money invested. This makes them a smart investment for companies to do a [...]

Dump TruckFor children, seeing a dump truck is exciting.. Watching these big behemoths of the truck world haul heavy loads down highways and around job sites, just to dump them in another location, is one of the most thrilling experiences a kid can have.

However, most people don’t buy a dump truck to achieve fame and glory. They buy a dump truck for one simple reason – to make money. In order to do that, you don’t want to waste money on features or extra performance that you don’t need. However, you also don’t want to skimp on the important details that allow you to work effectively and efficiently for your required operations.


Tips for Choosing a Dump Truck

Whether you are planning to purchase a brand new dump truck or you [...]

Outdoor jobs have many benefits. They’re hands-on, exposed to fresh air, and during the spring and summer can be a frequent source of Vitamin D.

But outdoor careers have their hazards as well. And in the PA area, we can often miss or forget some of these.

Let’s take a look at three common safety hazards of outdoor work and how to respond to them. You may have heard some of these tips before, but do you know what actually makes them worthwhile?

While we all can appreciate some natural vitamin D and a nice tan, it’s important to approach interaction with sunlight, directly and indirectly, with caution.


-Apply sunscreen before your shift during the spring, summer, and maybe even fall. Most importantly, do not neglect the sunscreen if it’s cloudy, you can still a [...]

Is a Hybrid Utility Truck the Best Choice for your PA business?

Small cars with futuristic sounding engines-That’s what most people envision when they hear the word hybrid. In reality, hybrid applies to a vastly greater population of vehicles. In fact, today, even large, diesel burning bucket trucks are offered in hybrid form.

A partnership between two units of power, an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, the trucks use a mix of battery power and biodiesel.

While still in the new technology category, the concept of hybrid bucket trucks is not new. Talk of the truck variation first hit news markets as early as 2008. Unfortunately, much like the entrance of many new products, high costs and lack of long-term research, left the number of hybrid bucket trucks purchased and used in industry minimal.

In 2017, it appears hybrid bucket trucks are getting a second chance to [...]

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